Lake Brite

A dynamic lighting installation

motion graphics three.js art-net interface

24 feet wide, 9 feet tall, and 6 feet deep. 1,300 cubic feet of lights. 7,500 individual LED bulbs all working in unison to create animated imagery.

Lake brite 1

Funded by Google as a data visualization exhibit designed to intersect art and science.

Lake brite 2

Using a combination of motion graphics principles, three.js, and a little ingenuity, we were able to crack the code and power the installation as imagined.

Lake brite 3

What is 0x?

3D composition and environment design

motion graphics lighting 3D pipeline materials

Another cryptocurrency? Yes indeed, and we made a lovely video to explain how it’s different from the rest.

0x 1

The combination of live actors and CG characters: not only fun to look at, but fun to build as well.

0x 2

Character designers and animators from five different continents contributed to the aesthetic and tone of this project.

0x 3


UI and Screen Design

motion graphics design art direction 3D modeling

A unique and futuristic user experience was designed to make the most out of autonomous driving.

Nissan 1

We used animation to adapt the vehicle’s interface to its passengers, depending on the vehicle’s location, speed, and passenger engagement.

Nissan 2

5 screens combine to form a holistic and natural flow of information.

Nissan 3


A short film

motion graphics design sound design art direction 3D modeling

The original music track led the way and inspired the visuals, feel, and storyline.

Ethos 1

The character animation was created via a simple FK rig, pose morphs, and motion capture.

Ethos 2

Explosions, particles, holograms, spaceships, ferrofluid, experimental UI, and skulls. These are just a few highlights from this three minute short.

Ethos 3

Frank Lloyd Wright

Website development

modular cms ui animation kiosk dev

Frank Lloyd Wright's most famous work, Fallingwater, is an icon of design. We did our best to honor his legacy.

Frank lloyd wright fallingwater

Vector animations add a layer of visual interest to this design.

Frank lloyd wright lottie line art

We developed an extensive library of modular components, which site editors can use to build out media-rich pages.

Website crop overlay

UI Animation

Websites that move

animation front-end development

We elevated this site by combining creative designs with delightful interactions.

Ui animation thumbnail 1

Journey of the Jaguar evokes emotion with powerful storytelling to keep the audience engaged.

Ui animation thumbnail 3

This immersive environment allows students and visitors to explore Plymouth State University.

Ui animation thumbnail 2
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