Animation adds a level of enjoyment to a user experience, through visual delight and improved functionality.

We practice the art of directing the eye and stirring emotion. Between video, CSS animations, vector graphics, and good ol' Javascript, we combine technologies to form memorable experiences.

BCBS Blue Edge

What could have been a boring healthcare product announcement featuring nothing more than a bullet list of features, became an engaging guided tour. We seamlessly blended product information with animated infographics, keeping this information-rich site fun and easy to use.

Today in AZ

Prior to our engagement, this site was hard to navigate and outdated. Using the existing library of content, we completely overhauled the interface to be more youthful, approachable, and full of animated elements. After publishing these enhancements, average time on page saw a 200% increase.

Plymouth State Campus Map

This interactive campus map is a modern take on illustrated campus maps of yore. We brought this 3D-rendered map to life using the Greensock animation library. Animated clouds (and the occasional paraglider) add an extra layer of playfulness to the site.

Bates College Purposeful Work

Purposeful Work highlights student journeys through their undergraduate years at Bates College. Users follow their stories along a meandering path that illustrates the challenges and unknowns of college.

Journey of the Jaguar

Follow the travels of the late Dr. Alan Rabinowitz and the Panthera team, as they shine a light on the progress being made to protect jaguars, and the challenges in places where they are most at risk.

The interactive overview map shows the areas covered to date, allowing users to dive into specific regions. Follow the team's path through associated updates from the trail, loaded in real time from Twitter and Instagram.

RPI Dear World

This site breaks down the prolific scientific and technological contributions Rensselaer has made, while looking forward to the challenges ahead. We developed a variety of interfaces including sliders, infographics, and timelines, which helped to break the information up into easily digestible chunks.